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  • EdgeCast + CDNetworks + Highwinds + Tata
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  • Free SSL on domain
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  • No long term commit
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+ $100/m if POPs in mainland China are turned on for you Platform fee is excluding data transfer and requests. See rates below. Custom domain SSL is available. See rates below. Want to use your CDNs? Get a quote via

Data transfer & requests

Requests to the CDNs are charged at $0.005 per 10000 requests. The table below shows costs per GB for bytes delivered from CDN to end users.

Volume in month, per region North-America & Europe China mainland Rest of the World
0 - 10 TB/m $0.10 $0.25 $0.16
10 - 25 TB/m $0.08 $0.23 $0.15
25 - 50 TB/m $0.06 $0.21 $0.14
> 50 TB/m Contact us at
Total volume in month in a region determines the rate for *all* GBs in that region. Eg. if the CDNs delivered 30 TB from POPs in NAEU, you pay $0.08 per GB for *all* 30 TB, not $0.10 for the first 10 TB and $0.08 for the next 20 TB.

SSL (HTTPS secure connections)

SSL on domain is free, custom domain SSL is a paid add-on.

  Setup fee Monthly fee
Custom domain hostname, eg $99 $199/m
Custom domain wildcard, eg. * $99 $499/m

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a setup fee?

No, unless you want custom domain SSL (hostname or wildcard).

Do you offer any discounted plans?

Yes, we offer a 20% discount on the platform fee and custom SSL fee when you pay upfront for 12 months. We also offer lower per-GB pricing at high volume annual commitments.

What is the contract duration?

Month to month.

Do I need contracts with CDNs?

No. We have contracts with CDNs and you have a (simple) contract with us. Easy, right?

Am I charged when I enter a credit card?

No — when you enter your card details, we only verify the card. Your card is charged at the end of the billing cycle. (eg. on September 6 for costs in August)

How do you determine which region bytes are billed for?

The location of the CDN edge server determines the billing region.

How long does it take to get custom domain SSL ready for use?

A few days. We need to get your hostname(s)/wildcard added to the SAN certificate on the CDNs and this usually takes 3 business days.

What kind of speed increase can I expect?

The only fair answer is: "it depends". If you are now serving content from your own server in New York to mainland China, switching to TurboBytes will greatly speed up your site for China users, but for the users in New York, the speed difference may be small.
Keep in mind that a key benefit of using our Multi-CDN platform is the improved reliability as a result of intelligent failover in case of a major event: if a CDN 'breaks', we switch to a different CDN.