Measure, Analyze, Optimize. Repeat.

We measure CDN performance 24/7/365 in every part of the world, process the data in real-time and switch CDNs when it makes sense, quickly and automatically, with no effort for you.

Measure CDN performance

After the web page finishes loading, our JavaScript code executes and fetches a small file from a few CDNs, silently in the background. After a test is done, detailed performance data is beaconed to our servers (or a simple 'Fail' if the object did not load completely in 5 seconds).

Analyze the data in real-time

Our servers receive, validate and store the performance data as it comes in. It then flows into our real-time data processing engine, Analyzr, which constantly calculates a performance score for every CDN per geo (country or country/state) and per geo/ASN, using a carefully crafted algorithm.

Switch CDNs, automatically

Whenever the platform believes a performance improvement is possible somewhere, it automatically executes the CDN switch in DNS. Seconds later end users will be routed to the better CDN.