Easy as 1-2-3

After we get your configurations provisioned on the CDNs, you CNAME to us and add our non-blocking JavaScript snippet to your web pages. That is all.

Configure the CDNs and DNS

Do you need small objects, large objects or HLS/HDS video delivered? SSL on your domain? Delivery in China? Once we have all input, we set things up on CDNs and validate all CDNs are behaving correctly.

CDN Features

Add our JavaScript snippet

All TurboBytes customers contribute to the platform working well for everybody, by adding our JS snippet to their web pages. The snippet fetches a small, non-blocking JS file after window.onload, which then runs a few CDN performance tests in the background. We serve the JS file always over HTTPS, for extra security.

CNAME to TurboBytes

Once everything is ready on our end, we send you a hostname to CNAME to in DNS, for example abc123.clients.turbobytes.net. Once the CNAME becomes active in the global DNS system, the TurboBytes platform will start working for you and your end users.

How our Multi-CDN works