Improve performance in China

It's hard to get performance right in China. Content delivery from outside the country, through the Great Firewall, often results in a poor user experience while using a CDN with servers inside China requires a hard-to-get ICP license and often is quite expensive.
TurboBytes offers affordable solutions for both ICP license holders ("EdgeCast China") and companies who can't get the license (CDNetworks).

Higher availability

Our "EdgeCast China" utilizes their two POPs in Beijing and Shanghai and while this is much less than the 100+ POPs of ChinaCache or ChinaNetCenter, the availability of your sites, apps or services will improve dramatically.
Don't have an ICP license? Not to worry, as our partner CDNetworks has access to the premium network routes into mainland China and this translates to a very reliable CDN service.

CDN performance in China

Source: TurboBytes real user measurements, Oct 2017

CDN performance in China

Source: TurboBytes real user measurements, Oct 2017

Lower response times

Most CDNs deliver content into China with average response times higher than 200 milliseconds, but not our CDNs. CDNetworks will reduce your page load times by more than 50% and "EdgeCast China" can bring that down even further.

ICP or not, we're a good choice

No long term contract. Affordable rates. Friendly support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an ICP license to use the POPs in mainland China?

Yes. The Chinese government requires all domains that serve content from servers located in mainland China to have a ICP license in place.

What are the requirements for getting a ICP license?

The domain (eg. needs to be registered with a registar in mainland China and the domain must be hosted in mainland China (eg. if you want to use on the CDNs, you must have at least a single web page on hosted on a server in China and your ICP license number must be visible on that page). Also, a ICP license is only handed out to Chinese entities/companies. If you don't have a business entity in China, you can't get a ICP license. And last but not least: the application for the license needs to be done in Chinese language.

How long does it take to get the license?

You will receive a response from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approximately 20 days after submission of your application. The response can be that you get the license, or a rejection of your application (sometimes you need to provide more info/documents).

How do I get an ICP license?

Visit the official ICP license website for more information. Your Chinese domain registar or hosting provider may also be able to help.

How much does an ICP license cost?

The license itself is free, but you may have costs for getting outside help to fill out the application in Chinese language.

Can you help us get a ICP license?

We aim to provide as much useful information as possible, but we don't provide services to (help you) actually get the ICP license.

Can I test "EdgeCast China" with a domain name that has no ICP license?

Unfortunately not.

Can I deliver video over HTTP{S} from your POPs in mainland China?


Will TurboBytes have more CDNs with POPs in mainland China in the future?

Yes, likely in (early) 2018.