Bring your own CDNs

TurboBytes' Multi-CDN service optimizes the speed & reliability of your content delivery, regardless of which CDNs you use. Our robust, intelligent platform will always route your users to the best CDN.
Are you locked-in to a contract with a CDN but want to be on Multi-CDN? Get a contract with another CDN, or add 1+ of our CDNs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any CDN I want?


Can I mix my current CDN with your CDNs?


Can I give a preference to one of my CDNs, so the TurboBytes platform favors that CDN?

Yes, you can give a CDN a preference per country.

If I use only my CDNs or a mix with yours, how does purging work?

We don't yet provide a way to purge on your CDNs via our API. Until we have that capability in place, you will need to purge on your CDNs (we don't play any role in this) and purge on our CDN(s) via our API or web control panel.

Can TurboBytes pull the usage data (eg. logs) from all my CDNs and aggregate those?

Not yet, but we do have plans for this.

How will you measure performance of my CDN(s)?

In the same way we measure performance of our CDNs. You will need to setup a specific origin pull configuration on each of your CDNs and we will send you clear instructions for this. We then add your CDNs to our RUM monitoring and give you a JS snippet that you need to add to your webpages.

What is the TTL in DNS?

That is entirely up to you. A very low TTL (eg. 30 seconds) helps in switching CDNs quickly, but also results in more requests hitting our DNS servers and consequently higher costs for you.

What does it cost to use my CDN(s)?

We charge a flat monthly fee plus a fee per million requests to our authoritative DNS. If you mix your CDN(s) with ours you also pay for usage (GBs and requests) on our CDNs. Contact us for a quote at

Where are your DNS servers located?

Everywhere ;-) View our DNS network map.