Privacy policy

Turbobytes website visitors

Turbobytes uses Google Analytics for tracking usage of our websites. The Google Analytics privacy policy is here.

Customer website visitors

Our customers add our JavaScript code to their pages, to measure CDN performance. That code does not set or read cookies, but it does send the IP address and browser name and version to our servers. We use that information to determine the geographical location of the user and to make our measurement techniques more robust and effective.


A "cookie" is a file stored on your computer and it is used as an identifier in your browser. We set a session cookie on our public site for CSRF protection.

Protection of personally identifying information

Turbobytes uses encryption (e.g. SSL) to protect sensitive data from access by people who should not have access to it. Also, we use very strong passwords on our systems.

Turbobytes shares (potentially) personally identifying information with no one. If law requires this, we will disclose the information.

Only Turbobytes personell can access to personally identifying information, but for example the passwords to the control panel of our customers is stored encrypted so we cannot see it. If a Turbobytes employee leaves the company, he will no longer have access to any company information, including (potentially) personally identifying information.

If we are hacked and (potentially) personally identifying information is copied or stolen by people other than Turbobytes personell, we wil inform the affected users as soon as possible and inform them about what happened, what actions we took to fix things and prevent this from happening in the future, as well as what the user should do.

Storing data and backup

We store our data in the Amazon cloud and we make backups regularly. Backups are stored in separate data centers.

If a customers stops using our services, we keep relevant usage data.

Financial information

Turbobytes customers need to pay us. We use third parties to process the payments and we store no personal financial information.

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