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TurboBytes & ChinaCache, for best CDN performance in China

Published on Tue, Jun 26, 2012 by Aaron

TurboBytes is proud to announce our strategic agreement with ChinaCache (www.chinacache.com), the number one content delivery network in China. For many (global) webshops and content publishers, including several TurboBytes customers, China is an important market. ChinaCache has a strong local presence and many, many servers located in mainland China, resulting in unmatched CDN performance.

ChinaCache performance in China

ChinaCache has excellent delivery speed of static content in China and performs very well in other Asia countries too, including Indonesia and Malaysia. Below you see a graph showing the total load time of a 16 KB object (from DNS start to last byte) for ChinaCache and the other CDNs we work with. ChinaCache is the clear winner.

Chinacache vs other CDNs in China

The median load time for ChinaCache is 446 ms and that is 43% better than the median load time of the next best CDN. We calculated these numbers based on ~1000 measurements for each CDN.

ChinaCache is now the 6th CDN in the TurboBytes multi-CDN platform, which also integrates with Level3, EdgeCast, Internap, NetDNA and fastly.