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TurboBytes adds Fastly to its multi-CDN platform

Published on Wed, May 23, 2012 by Aaron

We are very excited to announce TurboBytes now works with Fastly (www.fastly.com), a young and fast growing content delivery network provider. One month after our launch, TurboBytes adds Fastly as the 5th CDN in the TurboBytes Multi-CDN platform, which already integrated with Level3, EdgeCast, Internap and NetDNA. TurboBytes customers will benefit from even better performance and site reliability, resulting in higher conversion and user satisfaction.

Fastly performance

Fastly has excellent performance in US, Canada and many countries in Europe, including United Kingdom and The Netherlands. To get a sense for Fastly’s speed of delivering small static objects, look at the graph below. It shows the total load time of a 16 KB object (from DNS start to last byte) in Canada from May 1 through May 22, for both Fastly (red) and Amazon CloudFront (yellow). The overlap is in orange. You can clearly see how Fastly outperforms CloudFront.

Fastly versus CloudFront - Canada - May 2012

The median load time for Fastly is 266 ms and that is 27% better than CloudFront's 368 ms. We calculated these numbers based on 31,000 measurements for each CDN, with most measurements taken place in the last 7 days.