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SuperTag goes global, powered by TurboBytes

Published on Wed, Jun 11, 2014 by Aaron

SuperTag is the leading tag management platform in Australia and rapidly expanding its business on other continents. SuperTag needed a strong content delivery solution and was already convinced multi-CDN is the only way forward. After testing with various solution providers, SuperTag selected TurboBytes.

"We were using a multi-CDN solution but wanted to have better: easy to use, excellent performance globally including in South-America and we wanted the solution to be including the CDNs: one stop shop. We engaged with TurboBytes and found both the team and service to meet all our needs. ", says SuperTag lead engineer Jeremie Leca.

SuperTag is a great customer for TurboBytes. They truly care about performance and content delivery speed & reliability. We feel honored they have chosen to work with us.

SuperTag gives customers insight in CDN usage

The team at SuperTag is always busy making their service better for their customers. In a recent release, SuperTag implemented a tracker that allows the customer to see how much of the SuperTag CDN their account is using. TurboBytes provides SuperTag the raw access logs from the CDNs and SuperTag present the data in an easy to use interface.

About SuperTag

SuperTag was created by Datalicious approximately 4 years ago, currently employs 15 people (and they’re hiring!). SuperTag features include enterprise level workflow and security, support for synchronous and asynchronous tags and the ability to implement complex web tagging solutions such as media attribution and cross domain and conversion tracking. Learn more about SuperTag on supertag.datalicious.com.