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Level3 and SwiftServe boost TurboBytes' Multi-CDN performance

Published on Tue, Feb 16, 2016 by Aaron

We're excited to announce two great CDN providers are joining our Multi-CDN platform: Level3 and SwiftServe. The businesses of our customers will benefit greatly from lower latency and higher availability across the globe and especially in Russia, Latin-America, the Middle-East and emerging markets in Asia. Together, Level3 and SwiftServe add 75 new POP locations to our Multi-CDN network map.


Level3 owns and operates the worlds largest Tier-1 network and provides a range of products and services, including CDN. Level3 CDN is used by companies like Apple and Netflix to deliver web objects, downloads and video to users worldwide. A big strongpoint of Level3 CDN is the high number of POPs in locations where most other CDNs are not present.

The chart below shows the daily median response time (TTFB) of our 5 CDNs in Russia, South-Africa, Qatar and Chili, based on our millions of real-world performance tests in the past weeks.

CDN performance in Russia, South-Africa, Qatar, Chili


SwiftServe is a high-growth CDN provider with offices in Singapore and UK and a strong focus on Asia. They have partnerships with major ISPs in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and United Arab Emirates and this results in best-in-class performance. SwiftServe is launching new POPs soon in mainland China and India.

CDN performance in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates