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CDNetworks joins TurboBytes' global Multi-CDN platform

Published on Mon, Oct 16, 2017 by Aaron

We're excited to announce CDNetworks is joining our Multi-CDN platform! The businesses of our customers will benefit greatly from lower latency and higher availability across the globe and especially in Russia, the Middle-East and emerging markets in Asia. Furthermore, customers who need to deliver content to users in China, but don't have an ICP license, may expect huge performance gains.


CDNetworks has 15 POPs in Russia, including in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. The strong POP presence translates to excellent performance for the tens of millions of users in Russia.

The chart below shows the average CDN response times in Russia for several CDNs, based on our millions of real-world performance tests in the past week.

CDN performance in Russia


Need great performance in China but don’t have an ICP license? CDNetworks is your solution as they are the best CDN for delivery into mainland China from POPs outside the country.

ICP license holders can benefit from even better performance in China by utilizing CDNetworks’ many POPs in China mainland. This service is not yet available through TurboBytes, but we’re actively looking into this.

The two charts below show the reponse times and failratio of “EdgeCast China” (available through TurboBytes, ICP required), CDNetworks and a few other CDNs. “EdgeCast China” is best because content is delivered from POPs in Beijing and Shanghai, but CDNetworks outperforms all the other CDNs greatly. The average response time of CDNetworks is about 90 ms, while most other CDNs are >200 ms. More importantly, the reliability of CDNetworks is much higher, as shown in the failratio chart (lower is better).

CDN performance in China

CDN performance in China


CDNetworks is one of the few CDNs that has edge servers in the country, resulting in 30% lower response times.

CDN performance in Portugal


The two POPs of CDNetworks in Ankara and Istanbul clearly make the difference:

CDN performance in Turkey