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Bitgravity joins TurboBytes' Multi-CDN platform

Published on Tue, Feb 26, 2013 by Aaron

TurboBytes is happy to announce our strategic agreement with Bitgravity (www.bitgravity.com), a leading global content delivery network and wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Communications Ltd. Bitgravity provides a robust, mature CDN service with caching servers across US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, India and Australia, on top of its self owned and operated world's largest Tier 1 IP Network. TurboBytes' customers will see performance improvements in several major markets and especially in India, where Bitgravity is the number one CDN.

"We see an increasing trend of customers opting for a multi-CDN strategy for most optimized performance anywhere, all the time and TurboBytes' multi-CDN platform has the right offering to meet market demand" says Pooran Panwar, CDN Product Manager at Bitgravity.

Bitgravity performance in India

What differentiates BitGravity from other global CDNs is their strong local presence in India besides US, EU and APAC. In India, Bitgravity has POPs in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. The TurboBytes’ performance data for speed and reliability of delivering small static files clearly shows Bitgravity is best in India. The graph below shows the total load time of a 15 KB object (from DNS start to last byte) for Bitgravity, Akamai, CDNetworks and EdgeCast, calculated from ~1500 measurements per day for each CDN.

Bitgravity best performance in India

Bitgravity is the 7th CDN in the TurboBytes Multi-CDN platform, which also integrates with Level3, EdgeCast, Internap, ChinaCache, NetDNA and fastly.