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Adzerk selects TurboBytes for fast, global ad delivery

Published on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 by Aaron

Adzerk, a high-growth online advertising company in the US has selected TurboBytes to deliver their ads worldwide. Adzerk switched from Amazon CloudFront to TurboBytes in December, after a careful CDN selection process, including performance analysis.

"At Adzerk, one of our top priorities is ensuring that we are the fastest ad server on the market. So when we were looking to choose a new CDN, we chose TurboBytes because they have the technology to make sure every ad gets served from the fastest CDN for that user at that time and place", says Adzerk CEO & Founder James Avery.

We are very pleased Adzerk decided to put their trust in our team and multi-CDN platform. Adzerk has a great team and we love their commitment to speed and performance. We look forward to contribute to Adzerk's growth in the coming years.

About Adzerk

Adzerk is focused on helping publishers make more money from their ad inventory. They built a revolutionary ad serving platform called adOS, which can be used by both publishers and ad networks. Customers are using adOS to serve billions of ad impressions each month and include StackOverflow and 350 Media. Adzerk is located in Durham, NC, raised $650,000 in funding in July 2012 and currently employs 8 people. Learn more about Adzerk on www.adzerk.com.