CDN in China

China is a special case. If you serve your content into mainland China from outside the Great Firewall, the speed and reliability of your online service will be low, resulting in a bad user experience. TurboBytes solves this problem by delivering your content from high-capacity POPs inside mainland China, as part of our global multi-CDN network.

CDNs serving from outside China CDNs serving from inside China
100 - 300ms
40 - 60ms
HTTP response time (time to first byte, median), measured from browser of users in mainland China. Source: TurboBytes.

Common questions about CDN in China

Do I need a ICP license?

Yes. The Chinese government requires all domains that serve content from servers located in mainland China to have a ICP license in place.

What are the requirements for getting a ICP license?

The domain (eg. needs to be registered with a registar in mainland China and the domain must be hosted in mainland China (eg. if you want to use on the CDNs, you must have at least a single web page on hosted on a server in China and your ICP license number must be visible on that page). Also, a ICP license is only handed out to Chinese entities/companies. If you don't have a business entity in China, you can't get a ICP license. And last but not least: the application for the license needs to be done in Chinese language.

How long does it take to get the license?

You will receive a response from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approximately 20 days after submission of your application. The response can be that you get the license, or a rejection of your application (sometimes you need to provide more info/documents).

How do I get a ICP license?

Visit the official ICP license website for more information. Your Chinese domain registar or hosting provider may also be able to help.

How much does a ICP license cost?

The license itself is free, but you may have costs for getting outside help to fill out the application in Chinese language.

Can you help us get a ICP license?

We aim to provide as much useful information as possible, but we don't provide services to (help you) actually get the ICP license.

Can I test your service with a domain name that has no ICP license?

Unfortunately not.

Can I deliver video over HTTP{S} from your POPs in mainland China?


Will TurboBytes have more CDNs with POPs in mainland China in the future?

Yes, and this will happen in 2015, likely in Q2.